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rundesdemona asked
Hey! Hope you're doing well :D I have a question for you. I saw in a post or something about this being the busiest time of year for you at work, leading up to Halloween. And I remember seeing a picture on twitter where you're in a cape at work, so I gotta ask--- what is your job??? I'm confused and jealous at the same time

My job is a bizarre concoction of roles.

The Hellfire Caves are primarily a tourist attraction. It’s a wonderful little gem of British History, involving Lord Dashwood and the 18th Century Hellfire Club. A naughty bunch of boys!

Technically speaking, I’m assistant manager. However, I find that title far too grand and imposing on my soul, so I prefer the term cafe staff. You see, we have a little gift and coffee shop attached to the site and that’s where I mainly haunt around.

I deal out tickets for the caves, sell a skull or two and make mediocre lattes. 

There are some days that are a little bit different. I also run the children’s activities at the caves, known as the Witches Workshops. They are knock off Harry Potter lessons which involves broomstick racing, werewolf banishing and potion making. We do these in the holidays and we also offer them as Birthday parties. 

My other role is as the Tour Guide. This splits two ways. Either I deliver a straight up historical tour, while dressed as a gentlemen from the 1700’s, or I get to do ghost tours. On the spooky tours I dress as a grave digger and take people around the Caves by candle light, telling them all the darker history and paranormal experiences that guests have had. These tours are usually rounded up by a professional seance or ouija board session. 

At Halloween, we spend two weeks transforming the site with horrific decorations in preparation for the last week of October. In the day time, we offer family friendly frights with Witches Workshops, face painting and costume competitions. At night time, it turns into a very adult event with live actors for our Fright Nights.

Apart from that, the job role becomes even more extended, as I have been re-doing all of the mannequins; giving them a new wardrobe for the season. I have also been asked to write a new guide book for the place. If that does go ahead, it will be my first proper publication, so obviously that’s rather exciting. 

Oh dear. I’m horribly sorry…I’ve just realised how much I’ve rambled!!

QUICK ANSWER: I’m a coffee making wizard who likes to hang out with mannequins and hangs out with ghosts on the weekends. 

Is that better? :D

viseriously asked
yooo, you wonderful human being! This is really random but a couple of years ago i messaged you on tumblr about how you liked your uni and last month I started studying at Brunel! I LOVE it so far, and thank you, I guess, cause what you said about it played a big role in my final decision ^_^ it's fun to basically live on the Demyx Time 12 set :P

That must be a little bit strange! However, it’s a pretty decent university. If I could, I would go back and do it all again. Truly, I miss my university years. Ah well…life goes on and I’m glad that you’re enjoying it there. :D

krakev asked
Oh man, I've been a fan of Parle for two years now and I got to meet you, Kelly and Amala this year at Banazaicon and it was such an amazing experience! I just want to thank you and the rest of Parle for being so amazing ;u;

Oh man, Banzaicon was amazing. Probably one of the top conventions I’ve ever been to. It was such a shame that we had to jet it off so quickly on the final day. 

Hopefully, one day, we can come back and meet y’all again!

My Golden Rules

These quotes are how I try and define my life.

You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” - Oscar Wilde

The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.” - Leonardo Da Vinci

Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.” - Lord Byron

What are your three quotes?

slycrazy asked
How did you manage to get such a cool job!! O.O

MAGIC. Pure magic. I seriously don’t know. I think it’s magic….I’m going to stick with magic. 



Anonymous asked
I'm sorry if this is too raunchy or gross, but I just wanted to know if it was weird or sick to use cosplay in role playing intimate moments with your partner? I want if there's something wrong with me for thinking about it…


If its weird or sick then we, Sylar and I, are VERY VERY VERY WEIRD AND SICK. 


little-red-in-wonderland asked
Hey Jack, I don't have a question. I just know that this time of year is crazy for you and I wanted to tell you that I hope you're doing well, and that everything you do; work and YouTube and conventions and life, it's all appreciated and I'm so grateful for you and for everything you've done and created over these years and hopefully for the years to come. I wish you the greatest month of Halloween and more smiles than you could count. Rachel. xox

Thank you a thousand times over taking time for sending me this note. Truly, it made me smile. I’m excited about starting new projects in the Winter, so I really hope you’ll enjoy those as well. :)

theatregeek16 asked
Hi Jack! I don't have a question but I just wanna thank you for everything you and Kelly do. Your videos have helped me in a very dark time in my life between me figuring out my sexuality to my mother being ( still is ) sick, your videos put a smile on my face, and Kelly and your love is the most perfect thing ever. I hope for the best in your transition and in you and Kelly's lives. 😌

I’m so glad to hear that you’re making it through the bad times. As Lord Byron said; ‘Laughter is a cheap medicine.’ There is nothing better in life that being able to smile, laugh and not being afraid to be who you want to be. 

simply-awkward-me asked
I have a question but first I just want to thank you and the others for being such an inspiration and getting me into cosplaying (even though I'm not that good yet). I really want to know where you got your vampire teeth that you wear in the vampire chronicles videos from? They look so real!

We use Scarecrow Vampire Fangs. They are probably the the cheapest ones on the market but are pretty effective. We also keep them in with denture paste. You know the stuff that old people use to keep their teeth in? Yeah, you can pick it up cheap at most chemists. :)